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Rohan McCulloch

Paintings and Sculpture Specialist

Art specialist Rohan McCulloch has extensive knowledge of the art and auction world, with over 15 years of experience at Sotheby’s, Bonhams and Lyon & Turnbull. Rohan loves the auction world as you see so many different things and find hidden treasures. He enjoys sharing the whole process with clients - from valuing, advising and selling - and finds it a pleasure to tell people about their objects and histories.

Rohan grew up surrounded by art and is passionate about paintings, drawings and sculpture. British and European art, Old Masters and portraits are of particular interest.

Educated at Newcastle University, where he studied archaeology, Rohan has since built up a large following of private collectors, top art dealers and corporate curators who both buy and sell art. He is also well known for finding ‘sleepers’ – or undervalued works of art which have been misattributed in the past. Rohan has discovered and sold paintings by Rubens, Edvard Munch and many other significant artists from the 15th to 21st centuries.

Portraits of all eras are Rohan’s favourites, with his favourite being ‘The Painter Martin Ryckaert’ by Van Dyck Ca, 1631 at the Prado Museum. And if he could meet any artist? It would be Rubens.

Rohan McCulloch Image

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